BibLibre contributes the drupal opac module in “full project”

We invested time last months to work on a new drupal module. We are pleased to announce that it became a full project last week. Before becoming an official contrib module, source code (sandbox) must pass tests and obtain the community agreement.

The drupal opac module enable libraries to integrate their catalog into Drupal allowing importing records, make advanced searches with faceted results, circulation task etc … This module is intended to work with any ILS by using connectors. Everyone can make its own by creating a php file. We are building a Koha connector.

Our main goal is to provide a full Drupal distribution to help site building for libraries with a whole interface for users. We are for exemple working to a federated search project built on pazpar2 (indexdata) and mkdru module we would like to give contributions. Another project is to build an Electronic Ressources Management on top of Drupal. We have other developpment plans for next year too.

A new demo should be available soon. Until this time, you can test the module with the help of documentation written. Any feedback about doc or module is welcomed. You can fill an issue into the drupal issue system. We will do what we can to answer asa quickly as possible.

Each 3 weeks the team provide new features, so you will see new things in next months. We are planning a first release in november. We would like to build a community around this work so (and just began to communicate), do not hesitate to contact us.


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