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Open Source Web Publishing Platform

Omeka is an open source software that is located at the intersection of systems web content management (CMS) like Drupal or WordPress, systems management as Fedora or DSpace archives and museums management systems such as TME or KE Emu.

Manage your digital collection

Text, image, sound, video, catalog all your files

Omeka allows the publication of all types of files: text, image, sound, video, etc.. It is possible to combine these files into a single document to multiply information sources. You can also add tags to the document to help you visitor find it easier. To facilitate navigation and usability of the site, you can choose to store the documents in collections. If you want to put them forward in a more regular basis you can also create an exhibition.

It is possible then to highlight on the first page of the site any material, collection or exhibition of your choice or create thematic guide for your visitors.

An intuitive dashboard

A complete software, but not complicated

The Omeka admin panel (or panel) is where you manage your Omeka installation. From the dashboard you can find the statistics of your current installation, documentation and collections recently added or modified and tabs to manage your documents, collections, tags, exhibitions and plugins among others.


In the upper side of the administration panel you can:

  • Change general settings of your installation,

The power of a catalog and a website

The best of both worlds

Omeka is designed to comply with the W3C and 508 accessibility standards. You can be sure to have a website that will be readable by everyone and suitable for the most common engines search.

A complete CMS: HTML, CSS, PHP and an API that can do everything

A software to suit your needs

Its only limit is yours

Omeka is a software designed primarily in PHP which allows almost limitless modification and evolution. In the current state, Omeka is capable of handling more than one million items, the main limitation the one of your server. Managing your collection with Omeka assure you to use it even if your collection had to increase significantly in a short time.

Made for diversified collections

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