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Bokeh is a Open Source Documentary Portal. It is a 4G portal that is an enriched OPAC, a CMS, a content aggregator and a digital library. With its connectors and webservices Bokeh allows libraries to offer the enhanced content patrons expects.

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Your library accessible in mobility

With Bokeh, users consult the catalog of the library from their computer or their phone, they hold records, extend their loans, or suggest new acquisitions. Tablet, e-readers, smartphone or PC, your portal adapts to the browser for an easy access to all your services. An exchange is established with the community of readers: They vote for their favorite books and enrich the catalog with their comments. With one click, readers share on their Facebook or Twitter a link to an item or an event at the library.

A rich and playful catalog

Enriched records without effort

Bokeh automatically harvests on Internet servers associated with your data records. Book covers, CDs, CD ROMs, DVDs appear in the OPAC.
Readers consult the biography of the author from, they visualize INA(audiovisual french national institute) interviews about contemporary authors.

They listen to extracts from audio files in your library. They watch the trailers of your DVDs.
Naturally, all this without any librarians intervention!

Dynamic catalogs

You define dynamic baskets from a query on gender, Dewey, the acquisition date, circulation statistics …
These baskets are updated in real time on your portal. Patrons can receive these updated lists by email or RSS.

An integrated CMS

A content management system made for libraries

You update your website pages directly from the integrated content management system. Users can access to novelty catalogs and entertainment program at your library.

Catalog electronic resources available online (RSS, multimedia documents, websites).

With the Digital Library module, you enrich your eBooks funds, Gallica resources, video on demand, digital heritage collection …

Don’t search anymore! Wander and find!

Many people, probably most, must, to find something, know in advance that it’s there.
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

From your thesaurus and your library lending statistics Bokeh suggests to your patron links related to records.

The reader is invited to click on links to wander virtually in your fund.

He discovers that way documents he did not seek a priori but that interest him. This is called serendipity …


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