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Analyse your patrons needs

BibLibre developed a module for libraries using Koha.This module provides library informations on how your users use search in the OPAC.

This information includes the type of research that your users use (simple, advanced), search terms, the index used, the number of results returned (including searches returning no response), and the pages browsed if the search return several pages. BibLibre is currently in the development phase of a Matomo plugin that allow you to dynamically navigate in these statistics.

A simple and personalisable dashboard

Get an overview of your website statistics in seconds

When you log in Piwik, you get immediately on the dashboard that you have defined. You have access to an overview of the information that is important to you. From this home page, you can clearly see all the statistics of your website or your OPAC. If you gave us the tracking of several websites and/or OPACs, you can also choose the one you want to display.

Visitor tab

Understand your users

This tab shows the evolution of the peak of your website in the selected period.
You also have the details of these visits to see among others the number of visits, the average length of the latter, etc..

A complete Open Source web analytics software

Your data is yours, forever

Matomo is an Open Source analysis and real-time web statistics software for your OPAC and your websites. It provides detailed reports on visitors (number, browsers used, visiting hours …), search engines and keywords used to reach your site, most popular pages, how your users consult your catalog etc.. If you want us to follow the statistics of several websites and /or OPACs, this can be done either by consolidating multiple websites / OPACs or individually.

A clear view on your statistics

Matomo is an open source software, you maintain complete control of your data. They are stored on your server and only you have access to it. You can export them in all the common formats. You are not dependent of Matomo, even less from BibLibre, so if this solution would not suit you, you will be able to change easily.


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