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Open Source software experts


Don’t worry, we will explain you how it works

Our training is provided by the project manager we dedicated to you. Our project managers are familiar with the software, but also with the libraries, they were librarians in the past. The courses are generally made ​​for groups of 8 or up to 10 people to ensure good interactivity between participants.

The training takes place in your office, on your local installation of software with the database production or the test database, or possibly a test facility hosted by BibLibre. The course is essentially practical and based on exercises that test the different situations that you will encounter in production. Depending on the needs of trainees, it is possible to emphasize a particular feature, or not address some. We work toward courses that meet the exact reflection of your expectations. For each course, we will provide course materials that will be submitted in electronic format.

Project Management

From the definition of your needs to the final step

BibLibre accompany you in your Open Source IT projects. We do not sell you products, but we offer support services to the implementation of softwares: project management, data recovery, training, installation, configuration, etc.. We take care of all the steps, technical and functional, of your project, or we can assist you in your own process.


You want to add an Open Source software to your information system? You want to develop new features for one of these tools? Here at BibLibre we a specialist of developing Open Source software, and we can help you to imagine, code and integrate a new feature in the official/community version of your software.

Support and Maintenance

Responsiveness and efficiency are the watchwords

Here at BibLibre we have a very active hosting and support center, thanks to all our clients who chose us to take care of their installation. More than hosting and support, we also give them advices and corrections about their softwares. They can also rely on our knowledge of the communities supporting their software to give them answer as fast as possible.

Our efficient support is available online, and if necessary, by phone. We handle the corrective and evolutive maintenance of all the softwares we support to provide you the most adapted and up to date version.


We free you from the constraints of hosting your applications. You can focus on your librarian daily activity, without having to worry about updates, security, backups.
We take care of everything.


Transfer your data without stress

Our many years of experience on the Koha software led us to conduct numerous migrations from most software on the market. We tailor our approach to your individual case, define with you the specifications and test data until the final migration into your new ILS.


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