BibLibre, takes -another- next step

In mid-2010, we announced that BibLibre was taking a next step with the arrival of Philippe as co-owner of BibLibre.

Two years later, we annonce another move at the head of the company: Henri-Damien Laurent told us in January that he wanted to leave for new projects. The transition started at this date, internally.

We have updated our organisation: some of Biblibre staff have endorsed what Henri-Damien was doing. He continues working with us until the new year rises, to ensure that none of his knowledge & work is lost.

I’ll end with the same sentence as 2 years ago: “Our project doesn’t change: to be a company focused on services to libraries, making and using Open Source software. Paul and Philippe, the other two partners, stay on board and continue in their effort to make this project into a great company”

Our website should announce new offers on new Open Source softwares for libraries very soon.


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