Community development rebase overview

In march, I wrote a blog post about BibLibre development rebases.
In the previous 7 months we did more and more efforts to contribute the developments to community master.

I have to recognize commitment and energy of my team and other people in the company (Paul, Release Manager, Stéphane Delaye, who tested a lot) because we needed a lot ! Rebasing a development is often writing again a big part of the patch (templating framework changed, API and other internals changed too), following many back and forth with the whole community, submitting new patches until complete integration in final version (do not forget tests, documentation and translation of course). It is a long process which needs to be done and BibLibre give us time to do this huge task.

Our tools changed a little, but are globally the same as they were at the beginning of the year:

Have a look to metrics:

Curves are based on number of tickets (numbers of tickets to submit increased during the year). The “needs to be done” is only for 2011/2012 developments, it has been updated (not up to date for the last orders). As you can see on the schema, the “needs to be submitted” decreased a lot since June where we could dedicate a large time to this task. In progress curve show the patches submitted and not yet pushed to master (majority is in “needs signoff” status). You can refer to “Devs” tab updated in October.

You can have an effect on the space between both curves. I will never say it enough: we are not the only one responsible for the integration of our patches: we submit patches, someone else than BibLibre must test and validate (signoff) then, quality insurance team must do another validation.

All the works are not visible in this document which contains only development related to a “user feature”. A good example is the time invested by Jonathan on QA, technical evolutions like “updatedatabase” management or logging management.

Our commitment took at the begin of the year was to submit all the developments done in 2011 and a good part of 2012. It will be soon the 3.10 release and the blue curve follow the good trend.


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