A month from now : the Koha Hackfest

A month from now the 3rd HackFest Koha will take place in BibLibre‘s office in Marseille from March 10 to 14. Here is a little overview of the program and the list of those who already decided to come. 53 participants are registered, of which 15 members of BibLibre, 3 members of ByWater Solutions who come directly from the USA, but also people from Germany (1), Italy (2), Croatia (1), Norway (3), Finland (1), Belgium (1), United Kingdom (1) and of course France (25, without BibLibre). In the detail, french participants will come from: Aix Marseille University, the BULAC, the Dracénie, the École des Chartes, IEP Grenoble, the BFM Limoges, the SCD Limoges, Lyon 2, Lyon 3, the BDP of Meuse, Nimes public library, University of Paris Sud, Roubaix multimedia library, the SCD Saint Etienne and the San Ouest Provence. On the program of these 5 days around Koha: workshops about ergonomy, database, search rewrite,… Other workshops’ themes will be added to these depending on the desires and ideas from the participants. If you wish to come or just to ask a question about the HackFest, just send an email to Paul Poulain : paul.poulain (at) biblibre.com To follow or talk about the event on Twitter, please use the following hashtag: #HFK14 (for HackFest Koha 2014). Is you want to see picture of the HackFest Koha 2012 : Click here


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