Did you know? – Modify the favicon in Koha’s OPAC

This blog post is the first in a new blog post series called “Did you know?”. The concept is simple, we will share each week a tip around a Koha system preference. This week, and to start this new series, a simple to set up tip: the Favicon modification around OpacFavicon. (If you don’t know what it is, just click here : Wikipedia)

To start you just have to connect on the Koha Staff Interface (username: test and password: test) and then go to Koha Administration> Global system preferences > OPAC.

Once in the OPAC tab of the system preferences, the interesting part for today is called OpacFavicon (framed in red below).

To replace Koha’s favicon by your library favicon, you just have to paste its url. If you don’t already have a link to it, yous can always download it on free pictures hosting websites (note to our hosted customers, we provide to each of them a WebDav access that can be used for this kind of things).

After that, just go at the bottom of the page to validate and return on Koha’s OPAC to see the difference on your browser tab (here on Firefox):


And we are already at the end of our first Koha’s “Did you know?”. If you have some complementary questions or if you just want to tell us what you think about this series, don’t hesitate to let us a comment or send me an email at pierre.vdk@biblibre.com.

See you soon!


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