Did you know? Modify mandatory fields in the patron entry screen

In this new Did you know, we will how to modify mandatory fields and how to delete fields you do not want to use when filling the patron entry screen.

To start you just have to connect on the Koha Staff Interface (username: test and password: test) and then go to Koha Administration> Global system preferences > Patrons.

Once on the Patrons of the system preferences, the interesting parts for today are called BorrowerMandatoryField et BorrowerUnwantedField.

Koha allows you to choose which fields you want to add as mandatory or in the contrary you do not want to see when filling the patron entry screen. In today’s exemple, mandatory fields are surname, date of birth, card number and the patron’s adress. The screenshot below shows the patron entry screen with the mandatory fields highlighted in red. To have access to the patron entry screen you just have to stay in Koha Staff Interface and add a new patron.

If you have some complementary questions or if you just want to tell us what you think about this series, don’t hesitate to let us a comment or send me an email at pierre.vdk@biblibre.com. To read former tutorials, please follow this link: Did you know?.

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