BibLibre move

As announced in our previous blog post, we have moved.

Our address is now : BibLibre, 108 rue breteuil, 13006 Marseille.
The phone does not change 04 91 81 35 08, and the fax is 04 91 81 93 35.

We also are happy to announce 4 new ppl !!!

In order of appearance:

  • Christophe Croullebois: he will deal with support, and replaces Nahuel, that has left BibLibre (we miss himm)
  • Margaret Benhaïm : our secretary. You’ll have to deal with her if you don’t pay your bills !
  • Stéphane Delaune : He will work on migrations and developments
  • Stéphane Delaye : Project manager, he is a librarian and worked for 12 years at Dynix, on Horizon. He is the last arrived, but won’t stay last long…

Smiling note : we are only 13, and we succeeded to have 2 “Stéphane D”, so if you want to reach one of them, specify precisely which one you want 😉


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