BibLibre announce: Nîmes public libraries now live with Koha

BibLibre announce that at the beginning of July, Nîmes Public Libraries successfully migrated from Loris to Koha and are now live.

“We are very happy with Koha. We used a lot of free software for technical purposes, but it’s the first time we move to a free software for the libraries” said Niels Lor, IT Project Manager at Nîmes. “Nîmes perfectly understand that Free Software is also a matter of sharing, that’s why they are sponsoring many improvements. Some of them are already written, and will be integrated in koha 3.4, some are still underway” said Paul Poulain, BibLibre CEO. The next step will be to update the catalogue with BNF records, and validate some new features. The main one being a tool to automatically update the catalogue with BNF entries during the night (the library does quick & basic cataloguing, and the tool automagically retrieve the full biblio record from a z3950 source) Ms Sophie Leca, librarian project manager at Nîmes was very happy with the process of migrating datas : “we have a catalog of 500 000 items, including a large old books collection, about Protestantism and local history. We wanted to migrate everything and clean some datas in the process. BibLibre did a wonderful job!”



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