New features of Piwik 2.0


A new version of Piwik, the 2.0, was released at the end of last December, we have talk rapidly about it in our last newsletter. This is a major update that comes with a new mobile application and a new website for Piwik. The theme of the host administration interface has changed (you can see it on the banner at the top of this post) . In this new version you have access to a new marketplace that will allow you to find the themes and plugins available for Piwik. From now on you can install them directly from Piwik‘s interface. In total 171 improvements and fixing bugs tickets were closed during this update. You can find the complete list here : Piwik 2.0 Changelog We tried to update version 2.0 for our customers, however, the actual incompatibility of this version with the LDAP module and the self-archiving script forced us to reinstall version 1.12. We will reinstall the version 2.0 as soon as the plugins will be updated.


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