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Coral, Open Source ERMS for libraries


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Coral is the first Open Source ERMS (Electronic Resource Management System) created by the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Coral manage your electronic resources subscriptions. With Coral you can also manage the subscription process, usage licences, price and store all your contracts in the same place. Coral retrieve SUSHI files for each of your subscription to let you analyse every one of them. You are then able to decide which subscription is useful and which is not.

Organisation Module

Coral Organisation module allow you to store and manage the names, addresses and contact informations of every representative. This way all your electronic subscriptions contacts are available at hand in the same place.

Coral Resources module allow you to add and manage all your electronic resources. It is the entry point of all the information in Coral. From this module you will be able to manage your acquisitions, or bounce to the licence or organisation module.

Licence Module

Coral Licence module allow you to store and access every digital ressource contract you have. You can consult your current and previous contracts as well as all the additional documents. You don’t need to spend hours to sort, arrange and search for the dozen of contracts signed with your electronic resources suppliers.

You can also find in few clicks the terms and conditions of every subscription.

Usage Statistics Module

Coral Usage Statistics module is your electronic resources dashboard. You are able to retrieve and manage the usage statistics of your electronic resources. You don’t need to consult the statistics of all your subscriptions individually, Coral keeps them all in one place. You also have to possibility to visualise the usage evolution of each of your subscriptions. And an alert system inform you when a resource is overused. Coral Usage Statistics also allow you to create and download all the usage reports ordered by supplier, editor, magazine, subscription, etc.


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