Koha 3.4 Sprint week, from Apr, 4th to 8th

Koha 3.4 should be released at the end of April. Having a high-quality release is a must. That’s why Kohala, the french NPO and BibLibre organise a code-sprint week in Marseille, France, at the beginning of April. All European volunteers are invited to participate!

From monday 4th to Friday 8th, everybody is welcomed in Marseille, France, Rue Breteuil, to work on testing, debugguing, documenting, translating. In one word: work on this version 3.4

If you are an experienced user or a developer, you’re welcomed to work with us on one of the various workshops that will be organised during this week.
Here is a first, but not final list of workshops we plan to do:

  • « testing » workshop = testing Koha 3.4 to guarantee his stability
  • « documenting » workshop = write documentation for this version (in english or in your language)
  • « bugzilla » workshop = bugzilla needs to be cleaned from old bugs that are now irrelevant/fixed
  • « patching » workshop = write patches to fix bugs
  • « translating » workshop = translate Koha to your language
  • « sign-off » workshop = validate and sign-off patches to have Chris our RM being able to integrate them

What this week will not be:

BibLibre will provide office, web access (wifi or cable) -but not computers !-, as many Koha instances that needed, informations on nearby hotels.
Kohala and BibLibre will provide coffee and breaks.
There are of course no fees for ppl attending, but no sponsoring to help coming either.

We have a large but not unlimited capacity. So please send a mail to ingrid.farnault -at- biblibre.com if you plan to come. In this mail, please specify:
* the name of the attendee
* the organisation you work with
* the workshop(s) you think you could work on
We will come back in touch with you with more details.


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