What I’ve learned working on Coral and GOKb

Coral Resources Module



Every summer we, at BibLibre, host interns who will work for the communities of the software we support. Amandine Roger, a student at Polytech Marseille, has spent three months with us to work on Coral.

Currently a 4th year student in Computer Networks and Multimedia at the engineering school Polytech Marseille, I did an internship of three months (from June 1 to August 28, 2015) at BibLibre. I worked on the Open Source ERMS CORAL (Centralized Online Resources Acquisitions and Licensing). It makes managing electronic resources easier.

I have been asked to add new features to the resources module using GOKb, a comprehensive and public knowledge base identifying records of electronic resources. It is now possible to conduct research on GOKb records from CORAL. You can also view information about them and automatically import the references.

These new features will simplify the (sometimes long) data entry of resources. GOKb is still in development, the search is made for the moment on a test database. GOKb The team is actively working on it and plan to roll the database in production by the end of 2015. The tools I have developed are able to query other knowledge databases, and import other types of resources. We have also planned to implement a synchronization utility that will eventually automate the update records.

This internship was rewarding, both on a technical and human level. I was able to use technologies that I only had a theoretical knowledge about, if at all. I also discovered a productive work organization and an extremely friendly team. BibLibre is a concept by itself, a philosophy and strong ideals. This immersion in the world of Open Source Software and community development allowed me to discover a whole new side of my future profession.

And if I had to do it again? I will do without hesitating a single second!


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