Orex and BibLibre join their strength to propose Open Source solutions to spanish libraries

Orex and BiBLibre announced, during “’15 Jornades Catalanes d’ Informació i Documentació” an agreement to help Spanish libraries deploying Koha and Bokeh using the skills and technical expertise of BibLibre as well as proximity and quality of Orex Digital services.

About Koha

Koha is the  the world’s first free and open source library system, used by thousands of public and academic libraries of any size. The development and maintenance of Koha is managed by a community of companies and librarians from everywhere in the world.

About Bokeh

Bokeh is a portal management software, dedicated to library consortium. Libraries will manage an interactive portal that promote all digital resources and services that the consortium provides to his patrons. More than 4 000 European libraries use Bokeh, to offer online services to their users.

About Orex

Orex is one of the most experienced companies deploying Koha in Spain, an active member of the Koha community, with customers in Spain, Peru and Dominican Republic.

About BibLibre

BibLibre is the European Leader on Open Source software for libraries. Deploying software anywhere in the world, BibLibre is one of the most active contributor to Koha and Bokeh. BibLibre is helping large consortium and academic libraries in their IT projects in Europe (France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Italy, Belgium, …)

Contact: Hugo Agud, 93 385 61 38 info@orex.es


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