Newsletter BibLibre October 2014


Since the creation of BibLibre in 2007, our mission is to help libraries to use open source software. We initiated the spread of Koha in France and Koha is now recognized as an industry standard. Our ambition is evolving over time, and we wish to participate in the distribution of open source software in European libraries (and beyond).

This mission launched two years ago, is beginning to bear fruit. We already have dozens of international clients like the central library of the Franciscans of Assisi in Italy for example, the Swedish Institute in Rome, or the library of the Academy of Music in Lausanne, Switzerland. We even have very original projects such as G-Star, the clothing brand, which will use Koha to manage the pieces of its past collections.

I was last week with our latest customer to date, the University of Thessaloniki in Greece. The University of Thessaloniki is one of the largest in Greece: 50 libraries, more than 1 million documents and 80,000 students. She used to date the ILS Horizon 7. We are in charge of migration and we will transform all the records in Unicode to compensate for an encoding that are not always consistent references problem. We are conducting this project with our partner in Greece ELIDOC and the highly skilled team of computer specialists working for the library. Eventually, they will take the responsibility of supporting Koha. This is further proof of a benefit provided by the open source software (choice of provider, including “no provider”)

Paul Poulain

Software updates

Piwik 2.6 and 2.7

Two new versions of Piwik were released during the month of September. Version 2.6 focuses on improving the APIs of the platform, improving the overall stability and some interface improvements. The version 2.7 add new features: User ID, to follow a visitor even if used multiple devices to connect to your site, a new kind of table for reports, a new plugin to count visitors who visit more of your sites a new plugin to track the performance of a content, and more.

New customers

San Ouest Provence (Bokeh)

The San Ouest Provence multimedia library chose Bokeh with BibLibre for its new portal.

University of Thessaloniki in Greece

As we spoke about it in the introduction, the University of Thessaloniki in Greece chose Koha with BibLibre.

Upcoming events

KohaCon14 in Cordoba, Argentina

Paul Poulain, Jonathan Druart and Arnaud Lelache will be next week at the KohaCon14 in Cordoba in Argentina. Paul Poulain will present the Open Source Electronic Ressources Management System Coral and Arnaud Lelache will show the Open Source Community portal Bokeh with Koha for the first time in a conference.


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