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Welcome in July BibLibre’s newsletter.

This summer, BibLibre invest community time for Koha by recruiting, training and accompanying  a student around unit tests in Koha. Yohann Dufour joined us in june and will be with us until the end of August. He is followed by Jonathan Druart who formed him to Koha and Perl development.

Yohan as already submited several patches, and one among them as been pushed in Koha 3.16.

Pierre Vandekerckhove


Software updates

Piwik 2.4.0

Piwik 2.4 was released some days ago. The major release is a bugfixes release with some important security updates. You can learn more about it by following this link: Changelog Piwik 2.4.0

Did you know?

During the last month we have published 3 news tips around system preferences in Koha and more specifically the patron module: Did you know? Add or remove borrowers’ titlesDid you know? Send an email to a patron when creating his account and Did you know? Attach file to a borrower record.

New customers

G Star

Fashion brand G-Star will use Koha with BibLibre. This project is original because G-Star will not catalog books they will catalog…clothes! Koha will be used to manage their 25 000 pieces collection that have all been equiped with sewed bar-codes. We will tell you more about this original project in the following weeks or months.

Pikoloco Damvillers

Damvillers library in the Meuse (France) joined Koha thanks to our outline agreement with the Meuse regional library. The Meuse regional library will handle librarian training as well as first level maintenance.

Centre Mas Felipe Delavouet

The Mas Felipe Delavouet center chose the Open Source ILS Koha with BibLibre via our offer Pikoloco to manage its library. We provide hosting, maintenance and support of Koha.


Past events

ABF Tradeshow

We attended with AFI the ABF (french librarians assocication) tradeshow. We have presented Bokeh (former AFI 2.0) new features, as well as Koha, Piwik, AFI-Nanook, Omeka and AFI-Multimedia. Visitors had the chance to enter a competition to win a Go Pro® in our stand, again, congratulations to the winner! For more information, Philippe Chabanon has written a blog post [FR].

Upcoming events

IFLA Tradeshow

BibLibre will attend the IFLA Tradeshow at Lyon from August 16 to 22 with AFI. We will show Bokeh to the international librarian community as well as our others products (Koha, Omeka, Piwik, etc).


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