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Welcome on the January edition of BibLibre’s newsletter.

This month we talk about new features in Koha and Piwik. Libraries from Valence, Amikuze, Centrale Paris Generac and the Swedish Institute in Rome joined us. We also present you Clément, our new sales assistant, who joined us recently.

I take advantage this introduction to talk about a new service associated with Koha, SMS. This service will allow you to notify your users when a reserved document is available, let them know about an imminent delay, or relaunch them if they take time to pay a fine. It is of course possible to combine SMS, e-mail and a formal letter to send a reminder if you wish. However, the SMS have the advantage of being less expensive than a letter and more effective than email.

If you are interested in this service, do not hesitate to contact us by email ( for more information.

Pierre Vandekerckhove

Software updates

Koha 3.14 has arrived

Koha 3.14 was released at the end of November. As each new version, many new features are present. The main improvements for libraries are a new theme available for the OPAC ( bootstrap ) and the establishment of an offline circulation.

Piwik : city database and version 2.0

We have just updated our offer Piwik : we have put in place a detailed geographic database, at city level, in Piwik . It enables our customers to visualize the geographical origin of their visitors accurately.
Statistics can be included in the dashboard in 4 clicks.
With this new feature , Piwik helps even more libraries to analyze their user base, to optimize and improve their services.

Piwik version 2.0 is also available since a few weeks. A blog post about this new version is on the pipeline and will come soon.

New customers


The Valence library will soon be equipped with the Koha ILS and a public portal AFI OPAC. This will be done in partnership with AFI, a company that also provides solutions for open source libraries software.


We will soon install Koha for Amikuze library that was looking for a more efficient than it’s previous ILS. The library has a portal based on WordPress. Thanks to the great settings possibilities available in Koha, we decided to keep this portal and simply create a link between the two websites to facilitate use for the users.

Centrale Paris

The Ecole Centrale de Paris made ​​a part of the migration of data to Koha by its own means. We intervened to help them finalize the migration and ensure proper implementation of Koha.

Diocese of Gap

The diocese of Gap chose Koha for its library ILS. That once again demonstrates that Koha can adapt itself to all types of libraries!


The library of Generac adopted the open source library management software Koha. We will help the library to install and configure Koha and then train the staff of the library so that they can make the most of their new software.

Swedish Institute in Rome

The Swedish Institute in Rome, Italy decided to change his former ILS Millennium to adopt the open source ILS Koha. In addition to installation and training, we will arrange the migration of the catalog and the authorities rebuild.

« Offs »

Clément Davieau joined BibLibre

Clement studied Accounting in 2008 and then moved to a study management with a marketing option, a diploma he obtained in 2010 with honors in high school Charles Peguy Marseille . Then he aimed at a DUT Marketing Techniques in Aix en Provence obtained in 2012 during which he made two internships. The first in the company Buro + in Marseille for a period of one month during which its role was to assist salespersons.

The second was in the International NGO Young Naturefriends in Prague, Czech Republic for two months, his role was then to develop their Website and communication via social networks.

At the output of the DUT , Clement worked for a few months in the company SOLISOL as a sales representative.

He is currently in apprenticeship at BibLibre and attend a license “New technologies Management” at the IUT of Marseille


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