Newsletter BibLibre February 2015


In this month newsletter, we start by talking about the Bokeh presentation day we do in Paris on Thursday April 2nd, 2015. Then you will discover the lasr Piwik update, our new customers and our upcoming events, including Koha’s Hackfest in Marseille, Paul Poulain’s trip to Stelline Convention in Milan and a french tradeshow, Documation.

We organise with AFI a presentation day of the Open Source Library Portail Bokeh on April 2nd starting from 9:30am in Paris. During this special event, we will start by doing a two hour long Bokeh presentation followed by a Q&A session. Following this, you will be able to enjoy a buffet and, during the afternoon, you will be able to discover other Open Source solutions such as Koha, AFI-Nanook [fr], Omeka, Piwik and the ERMS Coral.

If you mind joining us, you can participate by sending me an email at pierre.vdk [@]

Pierre Vandekerckhove

Software Updates

Piwik 2.11

A new major version of Piwik was release during february. The update is focusing on improving reliability, performance and accessibility for visual-impared users. Users and administrators menus have been improved for a better experience. If you want to learn more about this update: Changelog Piwik 2.11

New customers

Open University of Cyprus

The University of Cyprus chose BibLibre for the maintenance and support of its Koha. This Koha as been installed by the University for the benefit of the main Cyprus public library.

Missions étrangères de Paris

The Paris Missions Étrangères library chose Biblibre for its new Open Source ILS Koha. BibLibre will migrate datas from the previous system, install and set-up Koha and train the librarians. BibLibre is also in charge of the hosting, maintenance and support of Koha.

Bibliothèque Mazarine (Pikoloco)

The Mazarine library chose our packaged Koha offer Pikoloco for one of its libraries. BibLibre is in charge of the installation, maintenance, hosting and support of Koha.

Upcoming Events

March is a busy month for us. The hackfest starts next week, then Paul Poulain will go to the Stelline convention in Milan to show Koha with the Koha Gruppo Italiano and then we will be at a french tradeshow, Documation. For more details about these events, you can read the blog post we wrote last week: March and April 2015 events: a little recap’


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