Newsletter BibLibre April 2015


We wrote 6 months ago an introduction in our monthly newsletter about our recent implication in the Open Source ERM Coral, and it seemed interesting to reflect on it 6 mounths after.

Coral’s community website ( is now hosted on our servers. We are also part of the web team, in charge of managing and improving the community website, expect some changes in the following months.

We also finished most of the evolution requests from the university Lyon 1. We worked on improving the ressource module (creation and description of ressources as well as subscriptions and acquisition management) and the incident management on the organisation module.

We were also looking for an intern to work on Coral’s community version. The chosen one is called Cesar Hernandez, he’s from Mexico and he arrived at BibLibre a month ago. He is working on setting up the translation inside Coral.

If Coral interests you, please contact us, we will be able to help you on your project.

Software & infrastructure updates

Migration from MySQL to MariaDB

After spending few months testing MariaDB, we decided to change all our database infrastructure. All our demos and Pikoloco customers have migrated from MySQL to MariaDB. The rest of our hosted customers will be migrated as well in the following weeks.

Piwik 2.13

A new major version of Piwik was released in April. This update is focusing on performances improvment espacially for users with lots of data. A safety breach was corrected as well. To learn more about this update: Changelog Piwik 2.13

Past events

EMTACL 2015 in Trondheim, Norway April 20 to 22, 2015

Paul Poulain attented the emerging technologies in academic libraries conference or EMTACL in Trondheim, Norway. We had a stand at the conference where Paul presented Coral for the first time at an European conference. His presentation about BibLibre, our services and software we support is on SlideShare and on video on Vimeo.

Bokeh community days at Chelles’ library April 7 to 9, 2015

We organized with AFI last april at Chelles’ library the Bokeh community days. Theses days were inspired by the Koha hackfest we organize each year in Marseille. These three days were the occasion for the participants to exchange on their usage of Bokeh as well as the software’s evolution. Claire Hernandez wrote some blog posts about it that you will be able to read soon.

Bokeh presentation day in Paris April 2, 2015

We organized on April 2nd a Bokeh presentation day in Paris. During this day, the 20 person attending the event were able to discover Bokeh and its multiple features. Koha and AFI-Nanook presentation were also on the program in the afternoon.

Upcoming events

Koha days in Joensuu, Finland, Mai 22 and 23, 2015

Paul Poulain is invited in Joensuu, Finland to present Koha on Mai 22nd and 23rd. The Joenssu library started using Koha on june 2014 and decided to organise 2 days of conference pushed by the enthusiasm around Koha in the nordic countries. You can learn more about the seminar on the official page of the projet and you will be able to follow the two days conference on the library channel.

ELAG conference in Stockholm, Sweden, June 8 to 11, 2015

Paul and Arnaud Lelache will also be at ELAG’s conference (European Library Automation Group Systems) from June 8 to 11. BibLibre is a sponsor of this conference dedicated on software for libraries. Arnaud will lead a workshop on the first day of the conference about Digital mediation with Bokeh library portail. This workshop will be the opportunity to show Bokeh to numerous librarians in Europe.

ABF Strasbourg tradeshow, June 11 to 13, 2015

We will be present with AFI at the 2015 ABF Tradeshow in Strasbourg, France on June 11 to 13, 2015. You will be able to find us in the exhibitor space to discover the Open Source ILS Koha, the Open Source library portail Bokeh, the Open Source ERM Coral as well as Piwik, AFI-Nanook and Omeka. You will also be able to have our famous teddys from WWF.


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