Koha on Android

I recently acquired an HTC Hero with Android. I installed a nice barcode reader application on it: one can scan the barcode and search web sites, starting with Amazon. But one can also do a custom search: I put the url for my koha opac in there.

So if, say, you’re at the local bookshop, or at a friend’s looking at her bookshelves, I can scan the barcode with my phone.

The barcode reader does recognize the ISBN of a book.

And clicking on “Custom Search”, I can push the barcode to Koha, and check if my library has the book.

It was also an occasion to see how the Koha opac would fair on a mobile phone: it doesn’t use a specific stylesheet for this, but does a decent job, I thought: one can indeed connect to Koha through a smartphone like Android or the iPhone. That’s nice.


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