Koha, next team elected

Like most of you already know, some responsibilities are defined by an election, and an official choice by the Koha community.
With the release of Koha 3.10 approaching (in one month and a half), it was time to elect the new team. It’s now done !

Be the “Release Manager” is an exhausting task. Really. Endorsing this responsibility for one year (2 releases) is a good duration. That’s why I’m more than happy to leave the chair to Jared !
BibLibre is still in the team, with 2 people in the QA team (Jonathan Druart, and me)

Please also note that 2 new roles appear: “Installation Documentation Manager” and “Live CD/DVD Manager”.

Four of the five continents are represented (Asian providing it’s first elected member if I’m not mistaking, with Vimal Kumar Vazhappally).
We just lack someone from Africa. There are a lot of Koha users in Africa, but we’ve no contributors. I hope it will change one day !
The complete list is on the community website: http://koha-community.org/roles-3-12-koha-release/


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