Koha Hackfest in Marseille, 2014


In 2011, 2012 and 2013, BibLibre organized a Koha hackfest in his office. Between 35 and 45 people, coming from France, but also from all over Europe and a few from the rest of the world, joined their enthusiasm and skills to work on Koha.

I’m happy to announce that the 2014 hackfest will occur in march, 10th to 14th.

As usual, we will split in small groups of 4-5 persons, focusing on various tasks, either technical or non technical.

Everybody is welcomed ! If you want to come just for 2 or 3 days, it’s also possible (even if the whole week is better !).

  • If you’re a developer already knowing how to hack Koha, you’re welcomed and will have a lot of things to do !
  • If you’re a developer wanting to start hacking Koha, you’re welcomed, we will teach you !
  • If you’re a librarian wanting to discover how to participate, you’re welcomed, there’s a lot of non technical things to do !

I know that 3 guys from ByWaterSolutions (USA) will come, so it won’t be a “european” hackfest, but a “hackfest in europe”. If you’re from New Zealand, Australia, Argentina or anywhere else in the world, and want to come, you’re warmly welcomed !!!


We will start on monday, 10th, around 10AM. Each day will end when the last person leaves (usually around 8PM)

We will end on friday, usually around 4PM.


  • Lunch is organised by BibLibre, and usually highly appreciated 😉 (let me know if there’s something special with you, like veggie, allergies,…)
  • Hotel and direction will be given when you register.
  • If you need an official letter from us for your boss, just ask.


Just drop me a mail (paul.poulain biblibre.com). Don’t hesitate to drop me a mail if you’ve questions.

When you register, I’ll give you access to a googledocs document, to share informations.


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