Koha Hackfest 2015 Roundup


A little more than a week after the hackfest Koha in our offices in Marseille, it is time to have a look back on this 2015 edition.

Like last year, more than 60 people attented this 5 days event. The most busy day was Tuesday, with 47 participants between our offices in Marseille and the room kindly lend by Aix Marseille University. This week allowed the participants to make some progress on important Koha topics, to test and push some patches as well as improve Koha’s translation.

During the week many presentations were given:

  • Install Koha with Docker
  • Improve Koha’s performances with Plack
  • Elastic Search

These presentations lead to several workshops during the week.

28 patches have been created, 60 patches have been signed. The board created on Trello for the event is an inventory of all the work made during the week: Trello board of the Hackfest Koha 2015

The french translation of Koha made some significant progress too, the OPAC and all the system preferences are entirely translated. If you want to join the effort on translation, you can register here: French translation Koha project (and if you don’t speak french you will be able to find your language inside this website anyway). A glossary as been created, it should be available soon.

The hackfest is also the occasion to eat in a different country every day (Italy, Liban, and France of course, with the cheese!) and to visit some great sightseeing of Marseille (like the Cathedral Notre Dame de la Garde). If you want to live or relive the Koha Hackfest 2015, here are some additionnal links:

Koha Hackfest 2015 Roundup on Twitter (#HFK15)

Picture of the Koha Hackfest 2015 on Flickr

The sum up page of the Koha Hackfest 2015 on Koha wiki

And of course the group pictures:


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