Koha and “Bibliothèques Sans Frontières”

BibLibre is proud to share with you the press release from the association « Bibliothèques Sans Frontières » (“Libraries Without Borders”) announcing that they have adopted Koha as their reserve management tool

“ To ease the access to its reserve constituted with more than 200,000 documents, Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (BSF) has equipped itself with a powerful computerized catalog, with the support of BibLibre and Decitre.

BSF send book in many developing countries (mainly in Africa and Haiti). Since its creation, the association made it with the idea that the associated libraries are the one that must choose the books they receive. The gift of books must be made to measure to correspond to the precise needs of the local libraries and their users. To answer to this objective, BSF makes a catalog accessible on Internet which takes an inventory of more than 200,000 documents that compose its stock at Epône (78). The challenge was huge: it was about cataloging all the books and propose an ergonomic consultation tool with an easy access to allow more than 300 libraries partners of BSF all around the world to select the books they want to receive.

The company BibLibre rose up to the challenge in a record time, with a team of voluntaries employees who engaged themselves beyond their regular working hours in the creation of this catalog made with the open-source software Koha. Trough this patronage of competencies, BibLibre underline its commitment in favor of the sharing of knowledge. This project has received also the help of Zebris and the bookshops Decitre for the free providing of record and a faster cataloging of documents.”

Please note that some adaptations were made, to ease the input-output of the books in the catalog. The working of BSF was not exactly the same as a library because the books were not lend, they were definitely given. Libraries using BSF’s services will “reserve” the documents from the OPAC. These will then been sent and removed from the Koha Catalog.

Original press release : http://mad.ly/16dd63?pact=329026433531523327&fe=1


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