Hackfest 2015 in Marseille

Good evening everyone,

Here are some news about Koha’s Hackfest held in our offices in Marseille from March 2nd to 6th, 2015.

Update from Monday March 2nd

If you want to follow the Koha Hackfest on Twitter, you can follow this hashtag : #hfk15

There is also a page on the Koha Community Wiki and a Trello board to follow updates about the workshops.

Last year more than 50 people participated on the hackfest. Fortunately, all the participants where not here all week long, so we have been able to find some space for everyone.

But I wanted to have enought space for everyone this year. So I asked the Aix-Marseille University if they could host a part of the hackfest.

The answer is officially yes since January 08.

First, thanks a lot to Leila Arkab and the people in charge of the university library of Aix-Marseille who accepted my request with enthousiasm. A 12 people room, with wifi access, comfortable seats and view over the sea will be available. 2 offices for 3 people are also available to work and/or brainstorm, we will have an overhead projector and the mediterrean warm welcome (I sold it well didn’t I? 😉 ).

This room doesn’t replace Biblibre’s open space, it comes in addition to it.

We will see how we organize it depending on the workshops and registrations, but I think that we will all start at Biblibre on monday morning and then split for the rest of the day. I want to avoid doing a split like “librarians at the university, geeks at BibLibre”, so we’ll try to meet all together and switch from time to time.

CONCLUSION: I’m wainting for hackfest registrations (by email, at paul.poulain [@] biblibre.com), there is all the space needed. Those who already told me “2 of us will come from Monday to Wednesday and a collegue will be there on Thursday/Friday can rethink their organization and come all week long if you wish!)


Little heads up for the newsbies: “what is the hackfest”?

This is THE place to be from March 2nd to 6th if you want to participate to Koha’s development. Development does not only refer to code and geek’s stuffs, many librarians come every year.

During the hackfest:

  • we discover many things, including how Koha’s community works,
  • we participate to translation workshops, tests, or documentation writing,
  • we test the newest version,
  • we test the new features suggested in the new version of Koha.

And above all:

  • we share with collegues,
  • we exchange on our practices,
  • we meet developers (I assure you they don’t bite 😉 )
  • its the occasion to speak english (or – and they will be here for sure – spanish, norvegian, german, swedish, and hopefully dutch, portugese or italien)

In short, it’s cool, it’s Open Source, it’s what everyone brings.

Convinced? I am waiting for your registration email then! (At paul.poulain [@] biblibre.com).


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