Feedack from KohaCon14

Paul Poulain, Jonathan Druart (BibLibre) and Arnaud Lelache (AFI) attended the KohaCon 2014 that was held at the National University of Cordoba in Argentina from October 6 to 11, 2014. More than 100 participants were present throughout the conference and the hackfest that followed.

Paul and Arnaud presentations

Paul Poulain presented with Chris Cormack Koha’s history and the organization of Koha’s community for the first day of the conference. He also showed for the first time Open Source ERMS (Electronic Ressources Management System) Coral that we just added to our catalog and we are setting up in Lyon 1.

Arnaud Lelache attended his first KohaCon. He took the opportunity to present Bokeh for the first time to an international audience (its presentation). The reception was good, and some librarians to advantage of the hackfest that followed to install it on their computer.

Koha in Argentina

All Argentina public libraries use the Open Source ILS Koha, it represents 1,057 libraries. They gather all their records (6,000,000) in a shared catalog accessible by each of them via Z39.50.

Learn more about KohaCon 2014 :

[Update 17/10/2014]

Following the KohaCon, we have open the IRC channel #bokeh on irc.freenode.net. We will dedicate this channel to those who wants to contribute in Bokeh’s development.

You will be able to connect to the channel by using an IRC client or by following this link : #Bokeh


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