Did you know? Add a librarian on Koha

Did you know? Add a librarian on Koha



Welcome in this new “Did You Know?“! Today we will learn how to add a librarian into Koha. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to add a new colleague with the proper rights to manage Koha.

To start you just have to connect on the Koha Staff Interface (username: test and password: test) and then go in the Patrons area.

Then click on “New patron” and select the category the librarian will be in. Our database is in French, we will select Personnel mediathèque (literally: library staff).

You then land on the patron creation page, where you will have to fill all the needed fields. Once the account validated, you will land on our colleague page.

Important step to allow her/him to access to the staff interface and manage Koha, you will have to give her/him the rights needed. On the top right of the patron page you will find a button “More” that opens a drop down menu where you will select “Set permissions“.

You can choose to give every right you want to your colleague. Don’t forget that some permissions are almost mandatory if you want her/him to be able to connect into the ILS for example. We advice to select (catalogue) View Catalog (Librarian Interface) at the very least. Then, it seems interesting to let the librarian manage check-ins and check-outs (circulate), borrowers (borrowers), charges (updatecharges) and the catalog (editcatalogue).

Last but not least, give your colleague its login information (login, password) and he/she will be able to work!

Thanks a lot for reading us! If you have some complementary questions or if you just want to tell us what you think about this series, don’t hesitate to let us a comment or send me an email at pierre.vdk@biblibre.com. To read former tutorials, please follow this link: Did you know?.

See you soon!


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