Bokeh community portal

Following our merger with AFI we joined the Open Source community portal project Bokeh.

As we explained in a former press release, this portal called AFI OPAC 2.0 changed its name to highlight its transfomartion from an Open Source software to an Open Source Community software. In order to show that this name changing is not just a marketing idea, we have set up a a community website that will be the entry point for all the questions about Bokeh.

On this website you will be able to find the most important links about Bokeh like the user group maintained by AFI, but also release notes and a demo access. A public GitLab has been set up to allow you to download and install Bokeh.

Of course, you are able to participate in Bokeh’s development by improving actual modules or by creating a skin on you Bokeh portal for example. If you are not a developer don’t worry, you can help by adding content to the community website, participating on the translation of the software ou by adding documentation on the coming wiki. Of course, if you are interested in this project, you can subscribe to our blog posts, we will talk about Bokeh soon.

To go further:

Bokeh community website

Bokeh’s description

Bokeh’s GitLab


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