Bokeh community days – Day 1

The first Bokeh community days were held at Chelles’ library from May 7 to 9. In the past, two Bokeh events were organized in Melun and Evian. There were two distinct phases: during the first day we valued the experience feedback from users and the features they have configured. The other two days were dedicated to small groups’ work in open space.


We have broadcast the afternoon presentation, and they are available online (in french):


– Digital library: add media to an item (Jean Christophe Gachod) Montauban library
– Computer hold workflow (Patrick Barroca) Sophia Antipolis libraries
– Showcase of the local musical scene (Mourad Mebarek) Astrolabe, Melun
– Youth Opac (Ghislain Loas) Moulins library
– Personnalisation and dynamic restriction of Bokeh (Gaël Vinot) Montrouge
– OAI export to gallica (Laurent Laffont) Moulins library
– Showcase of digital expositions (Laurent Laffont) Enghien-les-Bains library
– Feedback from Casqy (Guillaume Doukhan) SQY E-library – Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
– Event inscription management (Émilie Corne) Grand Dole library
– Development processes and versioning (Claire Hernandez) AFI / BibLibre. Slides are here (in french) : Bokeh development processes

– Features from next stable version (Laurence Rault) AFI / BibLibre


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