BibLibre Newsletter of January 2016


This month edito is the perfect example that Koha is an Open Source ILS made by and for all libraries, even the bigger ones!

900 out of 1126 public libraries use Koha for their ILS. They recently announced the migration from an old Koha 2.x version to the new 3.20 version that was released last July. Not only the number of libraries using Koha is impressive but also the number of patrons and items migrated. In total more than 1,220,000 patrons and more than 13,700,000 items where migrated from Koha 2.x to Koha 3.20. This is probably the biggest Koha migration of all times.

Little technical note here, they use 14 servers to run Koha in production as well as 4 test servers. If you want to know more about it please read the message on the mailing list.

And if you want to have a look at their OPAC you can go here:

Software updates

Bokeh 7.4 release

Bokeh 7.4 was release last week. This major update include the PNB (PNB is the French acronym for the loan of eBooks in libraries), the possibility to choose your favorite topics in the library and the new suggestions in the search results.

In total more than 30 features have been added in Bokeh.

The complete changelog can be found here: Bokeh 7.4.0 changelog (in French)

Piwik 2.16 release

Piwik 2.16 was released few days ago. This major updates includes more than 250 closed issues.

You can find the most important and visible features here: and the changelog there:

Marshall Breeding’s annual survey: Perceptions 2015

Results from the annual survey “Perceptions 2015: An International Survey of Library Automation“ have been released last Monday.

With only 7 answer from our customers the result is not truly significant, but we are honored to have the best satisfaction score across all Koha providers!

Survey results can be found here:

Upcoming events

Beyond MARC

13 & 14 March 2016 – American University of Rome, Italy

Paul Poulain will attend the “Beyond Marc” conference on 13 & 14 March 2016. This conference will around Koha, MarcEdit and the BIBFRAME project.

To learn more about it: Koha Gruppo Italiano organises Beyond Marc

KohaCon 2016 – Registrations and call for presentations

From 30 May to 4 June 2016 – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Registrations and call for presentations are opened for the KohaCon16 that will be held in the Tessaloniki University.

Registration is free of charge, and all Koha users are invited to share their experience on running Koha. The deadline for submitting the proposal is 29th of February.

For more information you can visit the KohaCon 2016 website.

Past events

14 January 2016 – Bulac, Paris, France

The Kohala association [fr] organised a Koha presentation on 14 January 2016. The morning was about presenting Koha to potential future users and during the afternoon Frédéric Demians from Tamil and Julian Maurice from BibLibre showcased Koha 3.22 new features.


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