BibLibre 2012 contributions to OpenSource

In 2012, as in the previous years, BibLibre made his business on OpenSource/Free softwares. As in the previous years, BibLibre also dedicated a lot of ressources to contribute to softwares we support.
This blog entry summarize all the work we made for communities (Note that it does *not* include sponsored/funded work. It reports only self-funded contributions)

First of all, of course, Koha. In 2012, we have contributed the following ressources to Koha:

  • servers/hardware: we host the official mailing lists, since years, and they’ve been moved to a new -virtualized- server at the end of 2012. We also provide the server that is used for automated tests on Koha. In 2012, the french NPO kohala decided to self-host their own ressources. So we don’t host anymore nor the french mailing list
  • Conferences: in 2012, the KohaCon was close to France. That was a very good reason to sent as many people as possible to Edinburgh ! So 7 of us went to the KohaCon12 (one full week). Everybody was really happy with this trip. We also hosted the 2nd “Marseille Hackfest” in march. Almost all the Biblibre staff participated to the event (19 persons), for another full week.
  • Submitting patches: 158 days have been invested in submitting patches. Most of this time was dedicated to rebasing & submitting 2011 developments. Around 20 days have been dedicated to submitting the solr stuff -not counting the hackfest-
  • QAing patches: as member of the QA team, Jonathan Druart dedicated 68 days to QA tasks
  • Release Management: In 2012, Paul Poulain was the Release Manager for versions 3.8 and 3.10. He dedicated 50% of his time to this task, adding 120 contributed days.

Counting everything, BibLibre invested 471 days on Koha, more than 2 full time employees. For a 19 staff company, I think it’s a number we can be proud of !

The Drupal-opac module is a major work we made in 2012 over drupal. The goal of this module is to have the library catalogue fully integrated into Drupal CMS. The Drupal-opac has been released as a drupal module, and is available here:
The “drupal team”, that is using scrum, with 2 weeks sprints, dedicated 142 days to his work on the drupal-opac module. This number includes creating the module itself, the connector for Koha, documenting everything.

We started working on Piwik in the middle of the year. However, we still haven’t contributed anything back, as most of our work was internal, discovering the tool, the source code,… Shame on us ! I promize that it will be fixed in 2013.

french NPOs
BibLibre is a member of many french Non-Profit organisations related to OpenSource. This includes:

  • AFUL
  • Libertis-medinsoft
  • Kohala -the french NPO on Koha-

We can’t give as many time as we would like to those NPOs, but we at least contribute our membership, and file polls and reports when requested.


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