Announcing Urungi, Open Source, reporting, dashboard, business intelligence [press release]

BibLibre, French company helping libraries adopting Open Source software, one of the oldest contributor to Koha, is happy and proud to announce Urungi.

Urungi is a web application for creating dashboards and reports. Based on the concept of “layers”, an organized-non-technical view on your database, Urungi makes the creation of reports and dashboards very easy for a non technical person.

Urungi can be used on any database, including Koha, of course, but not limited to. We are already working on layers to build dashboards for all the software we support (Koha, Coral, Bokeh, Omeka, PlanningBiblio), as well as for what we use internally (Mantisbt, Odoo). If you decide to test & use Urungi to build dashboards for another software, you’re highly encouraged to share the layer you’ll create.

Urungi is available as an Open Source software, based on node.js & mongoDB technologies, source code published on github ( More information available on, and a test platform is available at (login with test / test)

About BibLibre


BibLibre has been founded in 2007 to help libraries using Open Source software. We serve 200 customers from our headquarter in France. The software we support includes all what libraries need in their everyday work:

  • Koha, ILS
  • Coral, ERMs
  • Bokeh, portal
  • Omeka, Digital library

We install, migrate, integrate, train, support, upgrade, libraries and librarians of all kind (academic, public, private), of all size (from thousands to millions), in any country.

We contribute to every software we support: everyone at BibLibre is focused on promoting Open Source because we think that sharing is more profitable in the long term, for everyone, including us.


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