5 days before the take off !

Henri-Damien Laurent and me (Paul) shall take off soon to New Zealand. Beyond the excitement to go to the other end of the world, there is an excitement to pursue “koha construction”.

During this journey, four elements will be planed :

  • A 3 days trip, from Auckland to Wellington, where takes place Conference. This part is touristic, but it will be a time of “socialization” where we will be able to debate between “contributors”. There will be French, Americans, an English, a German and a Norwegian. It will allows us to deal with jet lag !
  • About the Conference : lasts 3 days, I will speak about Koha’ Story. More than hundred people are expected, in the last news. Doubtless, many things will take place “off” as usual
  • Developers’ meeting (HackFest)is the most important part of our conference. During the first KohaCon, organized in France by Mines School of Paris and us, it have been proved that it was extremely interesting to have time between developers. Also, every one of us shows different tasks of his labor, as well to set up working tools together! Here again, the “off” and the part of socialization are important. Indeed, we learn to appreciate each other so we work better! Two hours of “face to face” are more efficient than long days of chat!
  • A little bit of “extra”… Henri-Damien and me shall stay a few days furthermore after Conference and the “hackfest” in order to work with Chris Cormack. After a lot of delay concerning the version 3.2 as well as Public Markets with restrictive dates, make that we have more 500 “patchs” to insert into official version. We hope to benefit of these few days with “Release Manager” of reducing theses differences, and set up a common management of work so that it does not have risks to repeat anymore

48H to come back, and we will be in France November, 5th.


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