2012 hackfest in Europe

Last year, BibLibre has hosted a week of hackfest, where a lot of european people came to hack Koha.
It was a very good week, so we decided to host a new one next year !

Last year, it was close to the release, maybe a little bit too close. So, for 2012 edition, it will be earlier.
Last year, we had people coming from Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway. So, for 2012 edition, we hope to have more countries coming. We will warmly welcome ppl from Italy, Netherland, Croatia ! (If you want to come from NZ, US, AUS, IN, or anywhere in the world you’re welcomed too, but it may be more expensive…)

So, ask your boss, book your flight/train, and join us from monday, march 19th to friday, march 23

As last year:

  • the day start by 5-10 minuts meeting to assign tasks/goals. We work in groups of 2-3 dedicated to a given task = signing-off patches, testing, translating, fixing bugs, developing features,…
  • we work hard, and usually have a lot of things to eat or drink
  • the lunch is organised by BibLibre (one day pizza, one day sushi, one day, we have vegies at BibLibre so you’ll be welcomed 😉 ), we share the fee (10€/lunch last year)
  • We’re close to the center of Marseille, there are many hotels, from very cheap to very expensive !

If you plan to come, drop a mail to kim.nguyen -at- biblibre.com !

Disclaimer: this week is made for developers, it’s not the place where you can discover Koha. For this, you’ll have to wait a little bit, and go to the KohaCon12, in Edinburg, in June !


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