Nos logiciels et services pour les bibliothèques


Koha is an Open Source ILS created in New Zealand in 2000. it is now developed by an international community and implemented in hundreds of libraries in the world. BibLibre deploys Koha in France since 2002, both in public reading and in large academic libraries.

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Piwik is a tool used to mease and analyze traffic on your website. It provides you detailed reports on your website visitors, search engines, keywords used, most popular pages ... and more.


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Omeka is an open source software that is located at the intersection of systems web content management (CMS) like Drupal or WordPress, systems management as Fedora or DSpace archives and museums management systems such as TME or KE Emu.
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Rather than sell software licenses it is difficult to capture, BibLibre provides to libraries a specialized service on Open Source software: hosting, migration assistance, staff training, maintenance, development, a range of services that gives your choice of free software security you need to work
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AFI OPAC 2.0 successor, Bokeh is a Open Source Documentary Portal. It is a 4G portal that is an enriched OPAC, a CMS, a content aggregator and a digital library. With its connectors and webservices Bokeh allows libraries to offer the enhanced content patrons expects.

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Coral is the first Open Source ERMS (Electronic Resource Management System) created by the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Coral manage your electronic ressources subscriptions.

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