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Faites le choix de l'expertise

At BibLibre we only work with Open Source software because we believe they contribute to a community and freer world. But we do not force you to share our convictions. Choosing BibLibre is primarily choosing a strong expertise in the library field and project management. It is trusting a provider chosen by more than 130 libraries or consortiums in France and Europe of all sizes, ranging from the Resistance museum in the Massif Central, which manages 5,000 records to the University of Aix-Marseille, which manages more than 1,5 million records for its 70,000 members. You will also choose a 100% French company with customers all around Europe.

Meet our team

Expertise and complementarity at your service

BibLibre is a team of 20 people dedicated to your success and to the one of the free software we support. All members of the team BibLibre have many years of experience in the technical field and in the world of librarianship. Some of our members are even former librarians. We speak the same language, and we have the same objective, always improve a little the world of libraries.

Work at BibLibre

Come to work with a smile on your face

Working at Biblibre is choosing a different company, that takes care of its employees while trusting them. It is also about getting involved in the development of open source software in France and all over the world.

Innovatives work methods


As close as possible from your expectations

In compliance with our policy of delivering you relevants and adjusted products, ou developers use the agile method to handle our development projects. These iteratives development cycles allow us to be sure that the development paths we take suits all along to your needs and therefore spare precious time and money.

Recognized values

BibLibre as been recognised Young innovative company by French institutions.
This status highlight BibLibre research and Open Source development efforts, because more than 15% of our expenses are linked to R&D expenses.

We have decided to mesure our impact over the environment. A study of our consuption in in progress, and we have already been able to modify some of our environment costly comportements.

BibLibre received the title of united company. This title rewards values defined by:
management autonomy, democratic and participative management, primacy of the human over the profits and a local and/or sector-specific anchorage.

The network France Active has attributed us with the responsible company award for our development in favor of local jobs, our social investment policy and ou fair wage policy.