Did you know? Add a chat on your Koha's OPAC

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In this new Did you know, we will learn how to add a chat on your Koha's OPAC to chat with your visitors. It is a great way to build closer relationships with them. 

To start you will have to choose a chat tool. We use Olark at BibLibre, but you can also try Live helper chat (an Open Source alternative we might try soon), Tawk.to (free without limitations) or others

Une fois que vous vous êtes inscrits à l'un de ses services, vous allez devoir ajouter du code Javascript à votre Koha. Pour cela il vous suffit de vous connecter dans l'interface professionnelle de Koha (identifiant : test et mot de passe : test) puis d'aller dans Administration > Préférences système > OPAC.

One your signed up in one of these services, you will have to add some Javascript code on your Koha. You just have to connect on the Koha Staff Interface (username: test and password: test) and then go to Koha Administration> Global system preferences > OPAC.

Once in the OPAC tab of the system preferences, the interesting preferences for today is opacuserjs.

Once you have add the code given by the chat service provider and saved your preference modification, you should see a chat window on the bottom left or right of your OPAC.

Once connected on your chat interface you will be able to interact with your visitors in real time.

If you have some complementary questions or if you just want to tell us what you think about this series, don't hesitate to let us a comment or send me an email at pierre.vdk@biblibre.com. To read former tutorials, please follow this link: Did you know?.

See you soon!

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